Do I need a Data Protection Officer DPO?


To manufacture a salable product, a company needs raw material, utilities, and other resources. In terms of accounting practices, the accounts payable represents how much money the company owes to its supplier(s) for purchases made on credit. You can contract out the role of Cashing Old Checks: Rules, Regulations and Etiquette ~ Get Rich Slowly externally, based on a service contract with an individual or an organisation. It’s important to be aware that an externally-appointed DPO should have the same position, tasks and duties as an internally-appointed one. A company’s head of marketing plans an advertising campaign, including which of the company’s customers to target, what method of communication and the personal details to use. This person cannot also be the company’s DPO, as the decision-making is likely to lead to a conflict of interests between the campaign’s aims and the company’s data protection obligations.


Find out more about what a GDPR DPO does, if you need to appoint one and how to fill the data protection officer role in our free guide. Additionally, if you hire a support team, you must not refer to any of the individuals as your DPO. If you currently have a Chief Data Officer appointed within your business, their duties will complement the role of a DPO. Once you’ve evaluated your team, the selected candidate should receive accredited UK GDPR training or certification.

Appointing a DPO

Similarly, you need to consider the level of support your DPO may need to carry out their duties adequately. The GDPR allows organisations to choose whether to appoint an internal or external DPO. The DPO may be a permanent staff member (internal) or acting under a service contract (external).

German data protection law, for example, requires every organisation with ten or more employees that permanently processes personal data to appoint a What Is a Full Charge Bookkeeper?. The UK GDPR guidelines state that there should not be a conflict of interest between the duties of a person appointed as DPO and their other responsibilities. To eliminate such conflict, it’s recommended that a DPO should not be in control of processing activities; for example, if they are already employed as head of human resources (HR). Basically this means the DPO cannot hold a position within your organisation that leads him or her to determine the purposes and the means of the processing of personal data. At the same time, the DPO shouldn’t be expected to manage competing objectives that could result in data protection taking a secondary role to business interests.

Data protection courses and DPO support services

The formula takes account of the average per day cost being borne by the company for manufacturing a salable product. The net factor gives the average number of days taken by the company to pay off its obligations after receiving the bills. However, a HR service provider necessarily processes personal data as part of its core activities to provide HR functions for its client organisations.


By using electronic payment systems, a company can streamline its payment processes and make payments more quickly and efficiently. This means that instead of issuing slower means of payment such as a check that may have to be processed and mailed early in order for it to be received in time. Instead, a company can issue electronic payments the instant something is due. Most often companies want a high DPO as long as this doesn’t indicate it’s inability to make payment.

Limitations of DPO

The role of a data protection officer entails a range of duties and responsibilities. Companies having high DPO can use the available cash for short-term investments and to increase their working capital and free cash flow (FCF). The company may also be losing out on any discounts on timely payments, if available, and it may be paying more than necessary. On the other hand, a low DPO indicates that a company is paying its bills to suppliers quickly, which may suggest that the company is managing its cash flow effectively.

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