8 Powerful Addiction Memoirs that Sober People Love

She highlights not only her relationship to alcohol, but also key takeaways from her many attempts to get sober. Reading her book is like sharing a cup of coffee with your wise best friend. You want to hold her hand, but also take notes.

First and foremost, find a treatment program that has a positive track record in terms of patients completing treatment and maintaining sobriety. This is most likely to occur in programs that provide services and therapies based on research. Evidence-based addiction Step 1 of Alcoholics Anonymous: What Is Step 1 of AA? treatment uses the current and best research-based evidence to make informed decisions about your rehab care. It can seem intimidating to look at the end goal and know the many steps it will take to get sober. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for getting sober.

Sober Stories

My relationship with my wife, both emotionally and physically, was absent. I was unable to participate in any kind of family activity, especially if it interfered with my drinking. My family would watch TV in one room and I would be in another drinking to oblivion. If I watched a movie with the family, it was unlikely I would remember any details of the movie the following morning.

Eventually my drinking led to a long period of Incarceration. I got into AA and a Drug Alcohol Treatment and learned quite a bit https://g-markets.net/sober-living/20-natural-alcohol-detox-supplements-and-vitamins/ about myself and what made me tick. I was able to stay clean for 22 years after my release of Incarceration, I was doing great.

Sober Story: Kailey

I was what’s known as a high-functioning addict, looking like a relatively normal person to the outside world. However more important things I’ve derived from sobriety are that I’ve learned to rely on a higher power. I’ve also learned that sobriety is about taking the good with the bad. It is so empowering to be able to cope with life without drinking and using. I know that I can get through anything with the support of my higher power and my sober comrades. May 4th, 2019, leaving a Racetrack, I was involved in an accident that was completely my fault.

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