75 Effective Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings

These wishes can make for interesting discussions that can feed into the rest of your workshop. Combining movement and questions can be an effective way to warm-up both the body and the mind. In this virtual icebreaker activity, start by making a statement to the group such as, Have you ever climbed a mountain? Nominate the next person to make a statement and continue until everyone has had a chance to make a statement. Virtual icebreakers can be particularly helpful for new team members who may feel isolated or disconnected in a virtual setting. Here are a few virtual icebreaker ideas that are ideal for welcoming new team members into the fold and to supplement your onboarding efforts.

With fun ice breaker questions on the agenda, your virtual meetings can be friendly, enjoyable, and more productive too. You can use the ones listed above anytime to have people connect and share. For remote teams, ice breaker questions can help bridge the social gap left when colleagues don’t see each other in person. They help your team members get to know each other (and you!) much better.

Choose One Word

A great way to connect more with your coworkers and know more about their feelings is through this easy activity. When working remotely, despite virtual water coolers and other company events, sometimes we forget to make time to know our colleagues. We know the basic things about them, but not the interesting ones.

  • You can call it whatever you like – virtual watercooler talks, virtual happy hour – it’s your choice.
  • If you need a guaranteed conversation starter, try a question that brings back childhood or teenage years memories – they provide an inexhaustible source of amusement.
  • Coming up with good icebreaker questions can be challenging.
  • So get the fun vibes flowing in your next virtual meeting with these ice breaker questions, or plan them as a part of the post-meeting happy hour.
  • Virtual icebreakers can be used for a variety of purposes, such as team building, training sessions, and networking events.

But you can also acknowledge that not everyone will be coming into the session with the same energy levels. Tell participants they can use the chat, their camera, or their microphone. If you have a big group and little time, go for something simple. There’s nothing more unwanted than an introduction round icebreakers for virtual meetings robin that drags on and on and decreases the energy in the room. Most participants clam up as soon as the word leaves a facilitator’s lips, as they scramble to think about yet another “interesting” fact about themselves. Story-telling is a great way to develop creativity and bond with team members.

Fun virtual icebreakers

A great way to know more about your coworkers is through their offices. Maybe Ann loves motivational quotes and paintings, and her office is full of colors. If you want to know more about your team’s performance and feelings in the past few days, an original way of doing it is through this question.

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